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HTG Mission


To promote awareness and eliminate the distrust of the unfamiliar as it pertains to home health and automation technologies. To engineer, install, and support, to the best of our ability, reliable and functional home infrastructure solutions for keeping people connected to those they love or care for.

GrandCare Systems
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The industry’s only home health technology infrastructure that combines communication, medically reliable wellness devices, cognitive stimulation, and monitoring solutions in a single home based system. The only home health technology infrastructure that can assist in minimizing the burden and worry feelings as they pertain to a loved one. An “always on” statistical awareness connection to a loved one or patient. A healthy technology investment for those who want it “my way”.

Watch Video GrandCare Story
Watch an 80 year old couple interact with their new GrandCare Trillium System
Scene 1 Above (double click video to view larger)
Demonstration of system wellness devices (Blood pressure, Oximeter, Glucometer) as well as one, pill box sensor, of the many monitoring devices (door, motion, bed, drawer, etc). Experience the virtual togetherness enabled by cameras and communication for family and caregivers as well as the concept for the use of “Buttons” for communication,
lighting, and appliance control.
Scene 2 Above (double click video to view larger)
Introduction to GrandCareTV and your own family TV channel & picture album.
Demonstration of navigating “touch of a finger” GrandCare  mail, (EMAIL), caller ID, reminder, and audio messages. Experience the GrandCare generational bridge for using “You Tube” and navigating to a favorite website.
Scene 3 Above (double click video to view larger)
Witness the powerful demonstration of games and cognitive skill reinforcement, resident assessment and how charts are displayed for GrandCare wellness and activity devices
(Blood pressure, activity, motion, etc.).
Hear the age of Sophie and Ken, and also their "Goodbye for Now" message.