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How can i be efficient in my home?


When you integrate modernized control into your home, it becomes an improvement asset to what may be life's biggest investment, your home. You can minimize your use of electricity with lighting control, smart thermostats and load control modules.
Do you patrol your house at night or before going to bed to shut off lights?
How would you like an ATM like touch screennear your bed to turn on or off all your homes lights while at the same time activating your security system?
Lighting control is repurposing the control methods of the existing lights and switches in and around your home. This can be done in an existing home or new home usually without adding new wires or destroying your walls and décor.
Lighting control systems will enhance the ambiance, value, and enjoyment of your home, while contributing to major savings on your energy bill.  Light levels are initiated by the usual touching of a switch, motion sensors, time clock schedule, door openings, user code, or perhaps alarm system activation.
HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) energy management is easy and simple by replacing your existing thermostat with a smart thermostat. Additionally, load control modules (LCM) are installed to help control or shut off power consumption items like cell phone chargers, game systems, pool pumps, or electric hot water heaters when they are not in use. These loads are known as “vampire loads”. Vampire loads consume electricity even when they are not being used. Your home automation system will shut these off without human intervention.

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Some benefits and fun facts of lighting and control systems

  • Lighting control (LC) systems can be installed ”stand alone”. In other words, LC systems do not require a home automation system. Lighting control systems operate normally with or without a home automation system and if for some reason the automation system breaks.

  • Dimming lights 25% will save 20% energy, dimming lights 50% will save 40% energy.

  • Occupancy sensors integrated into the lighting control system can preserve total household energy consumption 40-65%.

  • Incandescent bulbs last 20 times longer if dimmed 50%.

  • Dimming a room light level by 25% will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1019 lbs and preserve 435lbs of coal. When you dim 50% it will reduce carbon dioxide levels by 2039 lbs and preserve coal by 869 lbs.

  • High Quality incandescent bulbs or lamps can be as much as 34% more efficient than a low quality bulb.

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Some practical applications of home automation

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HVAC and vampire load energy management

  • If you leave work late you can remotely access the home automation system and adjust your HVAC and lighting to the time you expect to be home.

  • A home automation system will modify light settings, HVAC systems, hot water heater, pool and motors when your home is unoccupied.

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Lighting Control

  • Light a pathway to safely enter or exit your home or in case of emergency. Why not have lights turn on when you enter your driveway?

  • Set the mood for entertaining or romance with lighting “Scenes”.

  • Add motion sensors to conserve energy when you enter and leave the room, when you have your hands full, or forget to 'Hit the Switch'.

Video Surveillance

  • Check the front door, pool, child’s location, wellness of elderly family members, or pets locally or remotely for added peace of mind.

  • Virtually communicate and oversee home improvements and maintenance when away from home.

Access Control

  • Access control readers are the next generation “keys” to your home. They can be added to your existing home locks.

These readers can be a fingerprint reader or an access card that is attached to your key chain. By using these items the automation system can permit access to your home and also simultaneously activate the automation system to initiate control.

For example, disarm security system, release a door lock, illuminate a pathway into the house, change the temperature settings of a thermostat, turn on your stereo and tv, send a message to a family member, etc.

  • Use card access to your backyard to restrict pool access.

Security & Fire Protection

  • Automated “fire suppression”. Turn off HVAC system in the event of a fire to stop the spread of smoke and circulation that will feed the fire.

  • Home Automation systems are a UL approved alarm and security system with built in auto phone dialer so you can decide if you want to pay for central monitoring station or have the system call those numbers you select in case of alarm.

  • Flash outdoor lights on and off to allow emergency vehicles locate the home.

  • The ability to listen in and broadcast messages to your home from a remote location.

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Water Management

  • Utilize rain sensors, so you do not water your property after a rain event.

Home Convenience and Entertainment

  • Install Water Sensors to prevent flooding of your home for peace of mind. Especially near your hot water heater and in the sump pump area.

  • Motorized shades on windows and skylights for maximizing natural light and minimizing sunlight heat and fading of furniture and artwork.

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