Accreditations & Affiliations:
  1. Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) - Extensive detailed knowledge of the latest globally accepted and evolving standards and recommendations to develop, design, and engineer all aspects of telecommunications infrastructures intra building, campus/outside plant, and wide-area/metropolitan environments.
  2. Network Transport Specialist (NTS) - Vendor-neutral knowledge of the criteria and standards for all network components, architecture, and technologies for adaptable and practical design topology By holding a thorough, vendor-neutral understanding of both networking and cabling technologies those possessing this designation are certifiably capable of successfully integrating the components of these two industries in order to maximize and optimize systems performance.
  3. Telecommunications Project Manager (TPM) - TPMA certified project manager, trained, knowledgeable and experienced to assist in project supervision, cost analysis, and account management. A TPM Certification is recognized by The Project Management Institute to ensure professional project management credibility.
  4. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers/New York State-certified Electrician - Class "A" journeyman, New York City, Local Union # 3
  5. Siemon Global Project Services Certified Consultant - Certified to design and administer the Siemon Cabling System. New or existing installations that comply with all with all Siemon design, installation, and administrative procedures using authorized products and qualified cable can be registered and may be eligible for the applicable Siemon Cabling System warranty.
  6. Hubbell Premise Wiring- Mission Critical Program Design Associate -
  7. Ortronics / Legrand- Ortronics Certified Design Engineer Program (CDEP) is a comprehensive engineering program geared toward Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Consultants to empower the delivery of high quality, leading edge communications system designs by providing the highest level of technology support, including industry updates in sync with the construction industry. All CDEP participants are updated on the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) format.
  8. Commscope / Systimax Solutions (ACE membership) - providing valuable and timely information focused on your specific needs in a new era that is customer focused and customer driven. The goal of the ACE is to provide a resource to meet your business needs, expectations, and provide our clients with mutually beneficial information and solutions.
  9. Belden IBDN Certified System Consultant - (PSP+)-professional support program.
  10. Nortel Networks - North America Consultant Liaison Program - Nortel Global Consultant Liaison Program (CLP) is a service designed to meet the unique requirements of independent consultants worldwide that develop and design networks and recommend networking technologies for their clients.
  11. Blue Socket wireless mobility enterprise solutions- Certified Integrator -
  12. Connecticut State Telecommunications Layout Technician License Holder
  13. BICSI Corporate Member -

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