HTG’s internationally recognized professional designations provide you assurance that knowledgeable, technical experts along with their membership resources are among your team. Project implementation and ‘seamless integration’ is applied when design methodology is modular and practical, project specifications are accurate, and structured cabling installations adhere to best current skilled practices.

  • Owner representation
  • TPM certified project managers
  • Equipment commissioning/Retrofit Installs
  • Value engineering
  • Total cost of ownership project planning
  • Customized educational seminars (half/multi day)
  • Copper and fiber optic-structured cabling system infrastructures
  • Intelligent Physical Layer Management Systems-(IPLMS)
  • Baseline infrastructure CAD modeling
  • Wireless local area  network system design/setup/configuration
  • Wireless digital mobility systems and outdoor mesh networks
  • Grounding and bonding infrastructures
  • Free space optic links for inter-facility network/backhaul deployments
  • Electronic Safety and Security systems (ESS), network camera, cctv, and paging
  • Intelligent Building Automation System Infrastructures
  • Telecommunication room retrofit/re-management/ IPLMS retrofits

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