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What is a home automation?

Home Automation is the ability to control and monitor your home environment for the purpose of maximizing safety & security, comfort, convenience, energy management and efficiency.

Home automations roots originated pre-1985.

Many homeowners and consumers refer to home automation as having a “Smart Home” or “Integrated Home”.

How does home automation work?

Home automation is having a simple control interface of your homes most commonly used systems. 

These systems include air conditioning and heating, electrical power, lighting, security, access control , stereo, TV, audio systems, sprinkler, water heating, leak detection, smoke & carbon monoxide detection and any other ancillary systems that are common in a home.

The human interaction to a home automation system can be a simple touch of a button, or the entering of a user code into the keypad of a security system or interface device.

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The home automation system reaction to the human interaction is the automated processes that your home systems will take.
For example, when you enter or exit your home, as you normally may do, your automation system will adjust thermostats, lighting, audio systems, adjust your security settings.

As an option systems status changes may be reported or alerted to the family members via email, phone call, computer screen pop up or text message.

How Smart & Efficient is the home?

Surprisingly smart and efficient!

A home automation system will provide you and your family with the necessary technology infrastructure to become aware of your existing habits and daily routines.

Once you are aware of your family’s existing  habits  of daily living  you will then be able to maximize safety, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency by simply adjusting the automation systems programs and settings.

Imagine every day, arriving effortlessly home to the ambiance and home settings you prefer, simplifying your daily routine while saving you money.

Monitoring and controlling your home when you are not there is also easily accomplished since home automation systems provide remote access control by any standard telephone, cellular phone, PDA, or any internet enabled computer.

Why is intelligence the best improvement for your home?

Because quality of life, simplicity of control, and home automation go hand in hand with the convenience of having your home systems adaptable for your needs and lifestyle.

By installing a home automation system, not only are you allowing your home to take better care of you and your family, but you will better manage your monthly energy costs, and become more socially responsible to the globally charged “Be Green movement”.

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As the baby boomer generation retires and chooses to age in place, technology is the tool to recognize  for the 21st century for an improved quality of life.

Home automation systems enable control, monitoring, and notification so you to easily check up on your home status, children, elderly relatives, and pets from anywhere.

Is peace of mind valuable to your busy lifestyle, mental and physical wellness?

Can your next home improvement provide this?