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Enrichening the care giving experience

If you agree with our vision and philosophy of how teamwork and technology can enhance patient and family satisfaction, while promoting long term business success, HTG is glad for this opportunity to introduce ourselves so hopefully as to get to know each other better.

First off, we would like you to know we have experienced professional caregivers on our healthcare team. Because of this, we have a very good understanding of the daily demands and challenges that your business and specialized staff faces daily. We also understand that there are many people that view technology implementation as too complex and difficult and thus fail to truly see the benefits.

Being a successful company, we can honestly say that we have seen good and bad experiences when technology systems are implemented. Our experience has taught us that technology is usually not the problem, but why and how technology was applied was the problem! More technology is not the answer if an existing business or care model is flawed or not adaptable to the benefits offered. I am sure all those who read this witnessed the dotcom boom years ago. Case in point. Technology is meant to enhance how things are done, not to rip out, replace, or change how we do things entirely.

As a professional and successful business, you already provide a service that preserves health care’s human face and personal touch. This is the baseline model that any technology should “virtually assist and digitize” for continued success. We all know that some people could or may want to replace human interaction entirely. But, we assure you that is not our position or idea. However, we can make it more available and efficient, virtually without an added expense to the family.

HTG’s primary mission is to provide you with the necessary supportive relationship and working systems that will enable you to migrate to a more interactive model of care and customer satisfaction while improving case management, staff efficiencies, family communication, competition differentiation, and provide “priceless” peace of mind. We recognize that there must be a synergy that is created between the systems and services we offer your staff, working business model, and the patients and families you tend to, in order for both our teams to be truly successful, efficient, and as companies profitable from our investment.

HTG will provide clarity and understanding of options available that you may choose to implement into your patients and employee current care schedule. We understand that not every single patient or family may be able to benefit nor will they wish to. Regardless, it is our mission to do the best we can and allow everyone the opportunity to be aware, learn, and understand what model the healthcare industry is migrating towards and currently embracing.

Whether it is a home based monitoring system, in room communication system, or multi resident wellness Kiosk system. Our team has flexible and scalable solutions for nurses, nursing homes, hospitals, retirement communities, home hospice services, geriatric discharge planners, cardiologists, physical therapists, long term care planners, as well as the families and the patients these professionals love and care for.

There are many benefits today as well as future opportunities for those businesses that wish to recognize and embrace a slightly different path to obtaining the same and better care result. Remote check ups, health navigation services, and home care call centers are just a few of the examples we have seen blossoming at start up utilizing tele-health and tele-care products.

HTG has the products, technical support, training, caregiver experience, knowledge, flexible equipment financing options, and workable business models that can add to your business , as well as staff and client’s personal satisfaction today.

Please take a tour of our website as well as the manufacturer’s link below for more information about their experience and ideas for technology’s healthcare reinvention.

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