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“Peace of mind” at the touch of a finger

We are now living and growing in a hyper connected world. Today there is a necessity for technology in every home for the purpose of entertainment, education, energy management, and social human networking. And just as the world turns, so does your family’s needs. The HTG family is here to help you better understand the value and flexibility of how an affordable tele-health/tele-care home based system is available to meet your growing family’s unique needs.

To provide the best for a family member: time, communication and companionship are vital and precious elements that are much too often overshadowed by the traditional healthcare processes and reactionary treatments. The current situation has been the catalyst of a growing trend of a less centralized healthcare industry and a shift from “what is covered” to “how much is covered” as it relates to healthcare expenses.

My grandfather once told me: There is no free lunch in the physics department. In order to do any job correctly, gardeners, surgeons, plumbers, woodworkers, car mechanics, chefs, etc. needs the correct tools & equipment. When you initiate change and provide your family with a solution oriented home appliance, just like your TV for entertainment or internet modem for education, YOU have made a wise home and health investment, hyper connection, partnership, and ability to virtually better communicate with your healthcare providers and family members.

No one can deny that for the majority of us, life is short and medical data is habit changing. So why not provide yourself the tools to become better aware of what affects your own health, while creating a medical database of vital information and notes without added expense, time, and trips to your healthcare professional’s office?

No one wants the burden feeling as though they “wish they could have been there more often” or “wish they could have provided for their family better”. In as little as 30 minutes, HTG can help you understand how to create “your vision” of how to proactively minimize the negative emotions you would feel without a technology investment that provides the healthcare industry the tools they need to maintain a persons stability of medical needs at home, while continuing to living independently, and without a drastic change in their daily routine.

Our home based solutions provide a real time connection for family members from anywhere, anytime, any age, and any technical ability.

A “Trillium” or “COMO” GrandCare System can stand in as your family’s digital companion or digital pet. Both systems can travel, provide comfort, entertainment, mental stimulation, a lifetime of picture memories, and have the ability to communicate and interact despite a person’s worst health conditions or disabilities. Please visit the manufacturers link below for their experience and knowledge about their systems:

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